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About HAP&D

7 years ago as we signed the rights to develop the Vapiano brand in all of Mexico we decided that we didn’t want to be as almost every company in the world, much less just a boring franchise company. So we started searching for leaders who could join our tribe with the common and crazy idea of changing the world for a happier place.

Our mission was very clear: search for people who delivered day-to-day happiness, passion and true rarity with the vision of helping others. We came together to form a team which a bit latter evolved into a bigger - great and loving family.

As we started producing great results and achieving amazing things discussions came up about the reason of our existence. Why do we get up of bed every morning and why should anyone care? Which is our true purpose in life?

After a very deep introspection that lasted over 18 months -in which we made sure not to look for what we wanted or expected to be but really deep inside who we are, the best version of ourselves- we realized that our true passion is to serve people by helping them become high performers which will conduct to happiness and fulfillment for them and all those around. Our promise is to stay true to our values; will shall be always carrying leaders.

We were expecting you, welcome to our website....... with love


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